• online objective questions Graduate Management Admission Test

    Hi-Tech Study Material

    Online Objective Questions is a Hi-Tech Study Material; it is capable to save your 60-80% of time with respect to conventional way of preparation from book.
  • Online Objective Questions Graduate_Record_Examinations (GRE)

    Easy Navigation into Chapters

    Online Objective Questions is designed by in-depth study of the requirement for study,we try our best to give you everything in single click, you have menu in the right of the application to switch chapter.
  • Online Objective Questions Pre Engineering Test
  • Online Objective Questions for Bank Probationary Officer

    Made Easy to Practice Questions of Chapter

    Online Objective Questions have 4 buttons for navigating a chapter for questions and two buttons for checking your quick performance of solved questions. Navigation and performance check is available in just a click.
  • Online Objective Questions Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

    Smart Reporting Page

    Online Objective Questions have smart reporting page, you can check your daily performance back day performance and your overall performance/completion status of questions/chapter or subject.
  • Online Objective Questions Civil Engineering

    Resume Practice from any Computer

    Online Objective Questions apps you can resume practice not just by your own computer but from other computer also, all the data are stored in the server not in your local computer , it helps you to make your preparation accessible from any computer.
  • Online Objective Questions Electrical Engineering

    Access/Practice Anywhere/Anytime

    You don’t need to carry heavy books for your preparation for exams, just have a computer and internet connection and you can start preparation, application always saves your status of preparation, and Online Objective Questions always resumes your preparation from your last attempt.
  • online objective questions Mechanical Engineering

    Analise/Practice Questions with Relax Mind

    Be relax now for preparation for exams, Online Objective Questions does all the analysis for you by having previous years of questions, and you can cross check importance of any chapter in just a click, no need to refer/open multiple books..
  • online objective questions public sector undertakings

    10 Test Series to check your performance

    Online Objective Questions includes 10 test series for checking your performance and preparation status, it can be done by changing the mode of the application.

Online Objective Questions Practice-Test-Preparation

Online Objective Questions application(OOQ) is a result of Hi-tech wrapping of the conventional method of practicing and preparing the competitive exams. It is having large database for all engineering branches, Pre-Engineering test (PET), Pre-Medical test (MBBS) and GRE. We did our best for making this application complete solution for their respective exams.It is capable to save 80% of time that a conventional study material consumes for preparation. Team members of OOQ did in-depth survey for the functional features that makes it very unique in all the available study materials. In every subject OOQ have 3500+ objective questions, 10+ test series and previous year solved papers.
Imporant Features of Application
  • VERY LARGE AND SORTED DATABASE => OOQ is having very large database for objective questions, so if any one who prepare for exams, his chances of success increases up to very large extend, even he/she does not need to refer any other books. Also all its database is sorted with respect to exams so he/she does not need to practice for less important questions with respect to exams.
  • INTERACTIVE APPLICATION => OOQ application is the interactive application, in which user can study, and put his comments in every answers and all the comments and images with respect to answer will be personal to him. That means he/she is studying and marking comments in each question that will help him to remember the answers or the solving procedure for the questions.
  • MAKE YOUR OWN SORTING OF QUESTIONS => OOQ is having feature for setting the status of the Questions, so while practicing user can set the status of questions like “useless”, “very easy”, “easy”, “normal”, “tough”, “very tough” and ”important” and in the future he/she can practice only particular status marked question. That means Online Objective Questions is having feature for minimizing the time for multiple reading of unnecessary or easy questions.
  • EASY TO PRACTICE WHILE COMPLETION OF ENGINEERING => OOQ is very useful during completion of engineering. All the questions are sorted with respect to subjects and chapters, so you can practice particular chapters of a subject whenever you complete its theoretical part while completing engineering.
  • EASY TO GET THE IMPORTANCE OF QUESITONS WITH RESPECT TO PREVIOUS YEARS EXAMS => OOQ is capable to show important of every chapter with respect to exams and you can see all the Questions that came in previous year’s exams just in single click.
  • UTILISE YOUR SMALL AMOUNT OF FREE TIME =>OOQ is helpful for study in break; you can quit from practice at any time, and continue from the same place when login next time, this way it will save your unnecessary restudy time. Due to study in break (or resuming back to question) features of OOQ you can make useful even your small amount of time (say 5 mins) for your study.
  • SEARCH SORT AND CREATE YOUR OWN PRACTICE SET =>OOQ have search question feature, with the help of it you can search any keyword or topic in the question database, make a practice set from that result and you can practice it.
  • EXPLANATION IS AVAILABLE IN SINGLE CLICK => OOQ allows you to see explanation of questions while practicing in just one click and saves lots of time of moving to forward and backward that happens in the conventional way of practicing.
  • USER SPECIFIC CONFIGERATION IS POSSIBLE => OOQ have setting page where you can set various parameters and make practice set according to your convenient.
  • 2 DAYS DEMO REGISTRATION IS FREE => We provide fully functional demo free of cost for two days, click here to register and get satisfaction about the OOQ application.